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Madhulekha Shukla
Sunita Arya


Indigeno, Heteropneustes fossilis LC50, Cadmium chloride, morphological alteration .


The aim of present study was to determine the toxicity (LC50) of cadmium chloride in freshwater catfish Heteropneustes fossilis. Acute toxicity of cadmium on the indigenous fish H., fossilis was designed in the fish aquarium in laboratory at room temperature in Department of Zoology, DGPG College at Kanpur.

Treated fish H., fossilis induced morphological alteration against cadmium chloride toxicity. H. fossilis showed morphological alteration such as increased opercula movement, abnormal swimming, and loss of buoyancy and fading of their body colour. Control fishes were also continuously monitored and compared with the changes caused by cadmium concentration.

Heteropneustes fossilis exposed different concentration of cadmium chloride toxicity i.e. 0 ppm for 24 h, 10 ppm for 48h, 15ppm for 72h and 20 ppm for 96 h. From this present study it seems that the indigenous fish, H. fossilis is more susceptible to cadmium toxicity.


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