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A Malar Retna
P Ethalsha
J Lydia


Isolated compound, C.roseus, Drug targets, cytochrome P450, ADMET, Docking scores,


It evaluates the inhibitory effect of the isolated compound with different drug targets for the anti-cancer activities. The present investigation analyses the docking score of the isolated compound with different proteins. Two types of proteins (Drug targets) were chosen against cancer namely Human Epidermal Growth Factor and Crystal structure of human placental aromatase cytochrome P450.

This result reveals that the compound 19-Hydroxy lochnericine shows hydrogen interactions with the docking energy of – 7.41 and -7.15 –8.83 kcal/mol. This reveals a significant interaction between the target proteins and the selected compound. Hence, the compound may offer therapeutic advantages in the treatment and prevention of diabetes and breast cancer.


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