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Jane Chan


Kong Girls, social psychology, Princess Syndrome, women liberation


Purpose of the study: The term, Kong Girls is new in Hong Kong in the past ten years. The purpose of this research is to suggest reasons behind the Kong Girls phenomenon and to explore whether this will continue to be a factor for Hong Kong men marrying Mainland women.

Methodology: Seven interviews with typical Hong Kong Kong Girls were conducted within a similar period of time in 2015. One non-Kong-Girl was also interviewed as a control.

Main Findings:  findings of this research indicate that the Kong Girls phenomenon may be a social problem in the long run and Hong Kong men have to continue to find their wives outside Hong Kong if traditional thinking is not to be changed. If Hong Kong women continue to be Kong Girls, both genders may not be able to find their partner locally at their home city.

Implications: social studies, psychology, gender issues

Novelty/Originality of this study: This article helps explain why Hong Kong women prefer to marry non-Hong Kong men or choose to remain single. This is first of its kind study.


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