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Thidima Umpawan


Exhibition centre, Retail, OTOP, Kra Isthmus, Thailand


Objective:The design of OTOP exhibition centre was aimed to study the background and local lifestyle of people in Kra Isthmus, Ranong Province and OTOP exhibition centre design for Kra Isthmus to increase the value of community shop’s appearance in accordance with Thailand 4.0 policy which aims to promote Thailand’s economy to be an innovation-driven economy.

Methodology:Both qualitative and quantitative methods are used to conduct this study. The background and local lifestyle of the people at Kra Isthmus were studied by using the conceptual framework of ThidimaUmpawan.The survey was conducted with the participation between researcher and people from the community. Three models were created.

1st Prototype was Fon Pad Dad Si (eight months of rain and four months of sunshine) is interior design keyword. 2nd Prototype was Thammadha (normal) and 3rd Prototype was Tuk-mai (wooded shophouses). The design detail of each model consisted of location, organization management, behavior analysis of service provider and service consumer, correlation analysis, image, color schematic, material management, floor plan and other related plans, and perspective.

Main Findings:The results from expert’s opinions on the all models showed that the appropriateness of the location was at the high level ( = 3.80 , SD = 0.60) as well as the organization management ( = 3.70 , SD = 0.65). The third model had the highest score among the three models in floor planning and merchandising ( = 3.45 ,SD = 0.62).Moreover, the third model could well represent lifestyle of Kra Isthmus( = 3.50, SD=0.60) and use appropriate material ( = 3.70 , SD = 0.52). The color schematic of the second and third models was at the average level( = 2.80 , SD = 0.60). The first model had the highest score in lighting design ( =3.20 , SD =0.50) at the average level. For the overall design, the third model had the highest score ( = 3.30 , SD = 0.62).

Implications: As modern agriculture focuses on the management, interior design and technology, modern community shops are established. People in the community become the entrepreneurs who plant, process and sell their own products. Having unique style shop is one way to develop Kra Isthmus area to be Ranong’s cultural tourism area.


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