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Noura Said Al-Jahwari
M. Firdouse Rahman Khan
Ghanya Khamies Al Kalbani
Shima Said Al Khansouri


Online shopping, Customer Satisfaction, Product Quality, Application Safety, Delivery Guarantee, Offers


Purpose: The objective of the study was to analyze the impact of online customer satisfaction through the product quality, application safety, delivery guarantee, and the offers through online shopping.

Design/methodology/approach: For this research, the purposive sampling method was used to collect 120 samples through a questionnaire– from those who are performing online shopping in Oman especially the youth. SPSS was used to analyze the collected data. Chi-square analysis, ANOVA and Kolmogorov-Smirnov ranking analyses were carried out to conclude.

Findings: The results of the empirical study reveal that the perceptions of the youth confirming the product quality & service guarantee influenced comfort and satisfaction to the online customers. The study also revealed that the service tangibility concerning the guaranteed package and delivery process along with the lowest price motivated them to go for online shopping repeatedly.

Research Implications: The study illustrates through Quality Safety Assurance (QSA) model, the factors viz. Product Quality, Application Safety, Delivery Guarantee, and Offers should be focused to improve the online customer satisfaction, and the best-buy offers are the factors which need more attention to increase the Omani clientele.

Social implications: The study throws light on the factors and their important role towards improving customer satisfaction during online shopping and the ways and means to augment the same.

Originality/Value: Only a very few have examined the factors influencing thecustomers’ satisfaction of online shopping in Oman, and it is a first-hand study of its kind, and the results will be useful to the online marketers.


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