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Pramudana Ihsan
Okta Reyna Dwi Tanaya


Narcissism, Personality Disorder, Defense Mechanism, All in the Mind, Psychoanalysis theory


Purpose: Psychological disorder topics are being a common topic in a lot of discussions lately, moreover for the narcissism as the one of the most common disorder in psychology but with the least intention to taking care of. Thus, this study will focus on narcissism disorder in the main character named Rupert Digby in the drama script All in the Mi by Paul Howard Surridge. This analysis will apply psychoanalysis theory, especially in Narcissism Disorder as the most common mental disorder among society which has a lack of awareness from people nowadays.

Methodology: The methodology that the writer has used is qualitative research which needs a deep analysis of the literary work that used by the writers of this study based on the theory that had been chosen.

Results: This analysis aims at finding illustrations and proofs in the drama script All in The Mind’s main character, which can illustrate the narcissism disorder. In this study, we find that the main character Rupert Digby in the drama can be diagnosed as possessing the narcissism disorder.

Implications: His behaviors such as his big ego, his superiority, and the feeling of exclusiveness among others, clarify that Rupert is a narcissist. Besides, this research also finds the trigger that makes Rupert turned into a narcissist.


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