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Abdillah Nugroho


Freedom Writers, Students’ Need, Education System, Teacher’s Quality, Multiculturalism


Purpose: An improvement of education quality and learning process to face the recent challenges involves many aspects of an education system. One of them is the teacher’s quality. Multiculturalism quality of the teacher is a crucial factor because it enables them to hold and sustain the education well. The paper is aimed at analyzing a teacher with a wide vision of multiculturalism educating her students of complex problems reflected in the Freedom Writers movie.

Methodology: It is a qualitative paper. The data consist of two types of data i.e. primary data consisting of texts of the movie relating to the topic and secondary one covering the data that support the analysis. The technique of the data collection is carried out as follows watching and examining the movie, selecting the proper data suitable with the topic and presenting the data for the analysis. The technique of the data analysis is done through library research using descriptive method and applying the theory of Sociology of Literature of Laurenson and Swingewood.

Results: The result is a teacher with a great vision of multiculturalism can educate well students of a very complex problem and different social backgrounds.

Implications: Its implication on the Indonesian education is that in the movie, the teacher figure of Gruwell can inspire not only the Indonesian teachers but also all people involved in education to brush up their vision and knowledge of multiculturalism in the frame of increasing the quality of national education and in the end of the day it can strengthen the feeling of nationalism to the country, Indonesia.


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