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Anatri Desstya
Zuhdan K Prasetyo
Suyanta .
Fitri April Yanti


Science concept, Java society, Kerokan, viruses and bacteria, cardiovascular reactions



Purpose: The aim of the study was to describe the scientific concepts of scraping (kerokan). The first step in this study was literature reviewed from various sources.

Methodology: This type of research is qualitative research through the preparation phase, data collection, and data analysis. Data were collected by conducting interviews in the Javanese community.

Results: The process of scraping there was a scientific concept, which was reflected in the concept of motion that generates heat and then opens the pores of the body resulting in better metabolism. Widening which was marked by enlargement of the vascular diameter and also by the migration of white blood cells, the immune agents that were deceived because they thought the body had wounds. The function of blood cells is to attack the viruses and bacteria that may exist, so the attacker can be eradicated.

Implications: Therefore, Scraping also triggers cardiovascular reactions. Body temperature rises slightly, about 0.5 to 2 degrees Celsius. Increasing the temperature causes a faster chemical reaction that occurs in cardiovascular. This research was expected to open the public’s knowledge of doubts against scraping (kerokan)


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