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Dian Wulan Sari


CR, DAR, DER, ROA, ROE, GPM, OPM, NPM, Financial Performance


Purpose of Study: This study was conducted with the aim to examine the effect of CR, DAR, DER, ROE, GPM, OPM, and NPM simultaneously to financial performance (ROA) and the effect of CR, DAR, DER, ROE, GPM, OPM, and NPM partially toward financial performance (ROA).

Methodology: The sample of companies used in this study as many as 16 companies from 45 companies listed in the LQ45 Index period 2012-2016 with Purposive Sampling Technique. The independent variables used are Current Ratio (CR), Debt to Assets Ratio (DAR), Return on Equity (ROE), Gross Profit Margin (GPM), Operating Profit Margin (OPM), and Net Profit Margin (NPM) while the dependent variable is Return on Assets (ROA) as an indicator of Financial Performance. The analysis used in this research is the Multiple Regression Analysis.

Results: The results show that CR, DAR, DER, ROE, GPM, OPM, and NPM have an effect toward ROA; CR, DAR, DER have no significant partial effect on ROA; and ROE, GPM, OPM, NPM have a partially significant effect on ROA.

Implications/Applications: Regression test results ROE, GPM, OPM, and NPM partially indicate that the independent variables studied have a significant influence on ROA.


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