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Dwijani Ratnadewi
Sofi Yunianti


Critical Discourse Analysis, Critical Thinking, Content Analysis, Student Teachers


Purpose of Study: The present study investigated the impact of critical discourse analysis (CDA) on Indonesian students teachers’ critical thinking skills in their final projects.

Methodology: The study analyzed four final projects of student teachers text analysis. It was a qualitative meta-study applying four stages of Brengtsson'scontent analysis. These student teachers analyzed the world leaders’ political speeches and lawyers’ arguments in court using the CDA approach.

Results: The result of the analysis indicated that 58.3% of the students got the Proficient Level achievement, spreading from the critical skills of communication, analysis (interpretation) and synthesis.

Implications/Applications: The result illustrates that text analysis with CDA devices positively influenced the student teachers’ critical thinking skills. Meanwhile, 75% of them were at low achievement, at the Emergent level, for Reflection (Self-regulating) skills, due to the fact that these students were not accustomed to observing their own analysis.


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