Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews <p>Humanities &amp; Social Sciences Reviews [eISSN 2395-6518] aims to publish the most timely research development in the discipline of&nbsp;social sciences, humanities, communication, language, literature, political science, arts, music, drama etc.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> GIAP Journals en-US Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews 2395-6518 <p>Authors retain ownership of the copyright for their content.&nbsp;</p> COACH-PLAYER COMMUNICATIONS: AN ANALYSIS OF TOP-LEVEL COACHING DISCOURSE AT A SHORT-TERM ICE HOCKEY CAMP <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> This study sought to analyze the instructional discourse of top-level coaches to identify the specific language content of coaching discourse in practice.</p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong> The study analyzed the recorded discourse of four coaches of the West Coast Hockey Prep Camp in Port Alberni, BC, Canada, between 2012 and 2016. Transcriptions of on-ice instructions were analyzed using Provalis QDA Miner v5.0.1 and Provalis WordStat v7.1.6 software to determine word-type and frequency.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Main findings</strong>: The processed corpus of 21,376 words produced 1,022 quantifiable words which were classified into one or more of the categories of single-category language (i.e. General (G), General Slang (GSl), Sports Specific (SS), and Sports General (SG)), or the eight additional multi-category sub-categories (i.e. G/GSl, G/SS, G/SG, SS/SG, GSl/SG, G/SS/SG, G/GSl/SG, and GSl/SS/SG).&nbsp; Analyses revealed that single-category vocabulary (i.e. G, GSl, SS, and SG) made up 75.2% of the categorized language, with SS (4.6%) and SG (11.1%) making up 15.7% of the total.</p> <p><strong>Applications:</strong> An understanding of the linguistic framework of instructional language in short-term training camps allows athletes to invest greater focus in their athletic performance in camp.&nbsp; The results offer athletes contextual reference for preparatory language study and authentic linguistic insight for the counter of potential target language anxiety.</p> <p><strong>Novelty/Originality:</strong> Results indicate that top-level coaches relied significantly less on sports-specific word-type to facilitate their instruction and suggest that a general comprehension of English can provide a strong foundation for understanding top-level coaching discourse.&nbsp; This provides significant insight for athletes harboring concerns for English proficiency and coach-player miscommunication.</p> David Elmes ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-09-04 2018-09-04 6 2 44 51 10.18510/hssr.2018.626 DESIGN OF PROTOTYPE OF KRA ISTHMUS OTOP CENTER <p><strong>Objective:</strong>The design of OTOP exhibition centre was aimed to study the background and local lifestyle of people in Kra Isthmus, Ranong Province and OTOP exhibition centre design for Kra Isthmus to increase the value of community shop’s appearance in accordance with Thailand 4.0 policy which aims to promote Thailand’s economy to be an innovation-driven economy.</p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong>Both qualitative and quantitative methods are used to conduct this study. The background and local lifestyle of the people at Kra Isthmus were studied by using the conceptual framework of <a href="#ThidimaUmpawan">ThidimaUmpawan</a>.The survey was conducted with the participation between researcher and people from the community. Three models were created.</p> <p>1<sup>st</sup> Prototype was Fon Pad Dad Si (eight months of rain and four months of sunshine) is interior design keyword. 2<sup>nd</sup> Prototype was Thammadha (normal) and 3<sup>rd</sup> Prototype was Tuk-mai (wooded shophouses). The design detail of each model consisted of location, organization management, behavior analysis of service provider and service consumer, correlation analysis, image, color schematic, material management, floor plan and other related plans, and perspective.</p> <p><strong>Main Findings:</strong>The results from expert’s opinions on the all models showed that the appropriateness of the location was at the high level ( = 3.80 , SD = 0.60) as well as the organization management ( = 3.70 , SD = 0.65). The third model had the highest score among the three models in floor planning and merchandising ( = 3.45 ,SD = 0.62).Moreover, the third model could well represent lifestyle of Kra Isthmus( = 3.50, SD=0.60) and use appropriate material ( = 3.70 , SD = 0.52). The color schematic of the second and third models was at the average level( = 2.80 , SD = 0.60). The first model had the highest score in lighting design ( =3.20 , SD =0.50) at the average level. For the overall design, the third model had the highest score ( = 3.30 , SD = 0.62).</p> <p><strong>Implications:</strong> As modern agriculture focuses on the management, interior design and technology, modern community shops are established. People in the community become the entrepreneurs who plant, process and sell their own products. Having unique style shop is one way to develop Kra Isthmus area to be Ranong’s cultural tourism area.</p> Thidima Umpawan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-09-02 2018-09-02 6 2 34 43 10.18510/hssr.2018.625 EVALUATION ON THE INSTALLATION OF THE AUTOMATIC LANE BARRIERS (ALB) BY CAMPUS COMMUNITY <p><strong>Purpose of the Study:</strong> This study examines the evaluation of Automatic Lane Barriers (ALB) system implementation on the campus community. The objectives of this study are to identify the differences between male and female on their evaluations towards the ALB system; and to determine the differences between staff and student on their attitude, behaviour, perceived usefulness (PU), and perceived ease of use (PEU) towards the ALB system.</p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong> This study applies the quantitative research design using the survey method where self-administered questionnaires are used as the instrument for data collection. A total of 271 respondents participated in this study.</p> <p><strong>Main Findings:</strong> The findings show that, on the whole, campus community have a positive evaluation pertaining to perceived usefulness of the ALB system implementation only. There is no significant difference between male and female respondents on all variables while there are significant differences between staff and student towards the ALB system for all variables concerned.</p> <p><strong>Applications of this Study: </strong>This study adapted the items in the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to a newly implemented Automatic Lane Barriers (ALB) installation to differentiate the acceptance of ALB system according to gender and designation. The main reason for such implementation is to increase security and safety measures for the campus community.</p> <p><strong>Novelty/Originality of this Study: </strong>This study is done immediately after the ALB is enforced. Thus, the findings act as the benchmark for the acceptance of any new innovation for the campus community in the future.</p> Mahfuzah Abdul Rahman Hasnah Abdul Kadir Saodah Wok ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-09-02 2018-09-02 6 2 27 33 10.18510/hssr.2018.624 THE INFLUENCE OF PRODUCT PRESENTATION MODE AND ACADEMIC MAJOR ON THE MOTIVATION OF HAPTIC <p><strong>Purpose of the study:&nbsp;</strong>This study was aimed to investigate the effect of product presentation mode and education background of the subject on the willingness of touch, preferences and visual imagery.</p> <p><strong>Methodology:&nbsp;</strong>A total of 60 students were recruited to participate. The independent variables included product presentation mode (physical products, backgrounds removed image, scenario photo) and academic major of the subject (design major or management major). Three different kind dependent variables were measured in the study. On physical product condition, one sample was placed in front of subjects at a time. Both backgrounds removed image and scenario photo conditions, the subjects view experimental photos through a 22-inch LCD screen. They watched the sample item for 10 seconds and then were asked to assess the subjective questionnaire.</p> <p><strong>Main Findings:</strong> The study results showed that when watching a physical product, the motivation of touch was greatest. The scenario photo generated more positive feelings and resulted in higher preference rating. The willingness of touch, preference and sensory ratings of management major students were higher than design major students.</p> <p><strong>Applications of this study:&nbsp;</strong>The findings of this study can serve as a reference for enterprises to properly present products on web pages in order to increase consumers’ motivation to touch and preference.</p> <p><strong>Novelty/Originality of this study:&nbsp;</strong>This study reinforces construction of a model of motivation to touch, and find that product presentation mode significant affect motivation to touch, preference and novelty feeling.</p> Chih-Long Lin Si-Jing Chen ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-08-25 2018-08-25 6 2 21 26 10.18510/hssr.2018.623 REVIEW OF LITERATURE ON TURNAROUND STRATEGY IN BANKING <p><strong>Purpose of the study:</strong> The business cycle always occur in banking activities. For that reason, banks often prepare a turnaround strategy to keep banking growing during changes of business cycles during which often happen during changes in the economic situation or changes in the regulation of a country. This article reviews study on banking turnaround strategy (in conventional and Islamic banks) regarding to the model turnaround strategy by Schoenberg, Collier, and Bowman (2013) from January 1990 to December 2017, in order to identify the current state of study and research gap. The publications were classified into process-orientated strategies and content-orientated strategies. The process-orientated strategies were divided into cost efficiencies, asset retrenchment, focus on core activities and build the activities. Meanwhile, the content-orientated strategies were classified into the changes of organisational structure and culture change.</p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong> This paper focuses on peer-reviewed Economy journal, excluding book and book chapters. The keywords included ‘turnaround strategy in banking’ and ‘business cycle’. Articles were only selected if they directly addressed into turnaround banking and the business cycle. The sample was generated by applying a keyword search on Mendeley database.</p> <p><strong>Main Findings:</strong> There were 122 out of 250 in the sample analysed on the banking turnaround strategy. The majority of studies were concerned with the process-oriented strategies (such as the focus on core activities and build of the activities).</p> <p><strong>Applications of this study:</strong> This study can be useful for strategic management of banking</p> <p><strong>Novelty/Originality of this study:</strong> The implementation of turnaround model strategy by <a href="#Schoenberg">Schoenberg, Collier, and Bowman (2013)</a> as the management strategies during the recovery process in banking.</p> Maryam binti Badrul Munir Dr Muhamad Muda Dr Ummi Salwa Ahmad Bustamam ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-06-21 2018-06-21 6 2 10 20 10.18510/hssr.2018.622 A COMPARISON OF AMERICAN-BORN CHINESE AND TAIWANESE COLLEGE STUDENTS IN APPROACHES TO STUDYING <p><strong>Purpose:</strong>The purpose of this study was designed to bracket both population’s culturally-related study skills in an attempt to know their similarities and dissimilarities.</p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong>The current study used a quasi-experimental quantitative researchto examine 62 American-born Chinese and 79 Taiwanese college students by using the Approaches to Studying Inventory to compare their learning study approaches.</p> <p><strong>Results:</strong>Data analysis revealed three significant results: (a) American-born Chinesestudentsexpressed more interesting in ideas in deep approach and syllabus-boundness in surface approach than Taiwanese students. (b) Taiwanese students showed more in seeking meaning in deep approaches and time management in strategic approach than American-born Chinese students (c) American-born Chinese students displayed grater extrinsic motivation than their Taiwanese counterparts whereas Taiwanese students were more intrinsically motivated academically than American-Born Chinese students.</p> <p><strong>Implications:</strong>Results suggest that American-born Chinese students’ learning approaches were influenced by their learning and social contexts.&nbsp; Further studies could be conducted to identify the learning approaches in various generations of American-born Chinese to differentiate learning and social context influences.</p> Sherry Liang ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-06-11 2018-06-11 6 2 01 09 10.18510/hssr.2018.621 THERAPEUTIC STRATEGY IN GAMIFICATION AND GAME BASED LEARNING FOR ELDERLY PEOPLE IN THAILAND <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> This study aims to review the literature of the therapeutic strategies in gamification and a game-based learning for elderly people. During the increasing of the aging city in Thailand, how to prepare and how to live up the society are challenged. Gamification as a Game-based learning is a key issue in terms of conception. The conception of the game focuses on establishing trust with players and finding the right way to motivate the players to care for their health and to encourage the players to set goals.</p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong>A survey of healthcare for aging people was conducted in regard to technology-driven gamification.Gamified training appears to be highly engaging and does boost participant motivation.The survey attempts to examine Thai culture in terms of game technology and family networks and supports the influence the health-promoting behaviors among older persons.</p> <p><strong>Main Findings:</strong>The reviews illustrate the role of game-based learning in therapeutic strategies. In accordance with the Gamification Concept, the concepts of games are broad in scope,encompassing various contexts, such as training. The results of this findings may influence Thai elderly to care their healthy by using gamification. The game design shows the Health Care Training Game and Gamification prototype.</p> <p><strong>Implications:</strong>Gamification strategies may contribute to sustainable healthcare in Thailand.The designing game examines the therapeutic strategy game by establishing a technology-driven trust relationship with players, and then determining the best way to motivate the players to care for their health.</p> <p><strong>Originality:</strong>Knowledge and skills can be improved by using game-based learning. A learning game is a self-contained unit with start, game play and ending activities. The games are based on a combination of well-known game-design principles and principles of task-oriented training and involve the manipulation of everyday physical objects.</p> Wilawan Inchamnan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-13 2018-05-13 6 2 44 52 10.18510/hssr.2018.618 FOSTERING AUTONOMOUS LEARNERS OF VOCABULARY ACQUISITION USING CONTENT-BASED ICT METHODS <p><strong>Purpose: </strong>This paper investigated that (1) the effective use of content-based ICT methods of vocabulary acquisition through reading activities, and (2) the encouragement of learner's vocabulary building up autonomous learning. A considerable number of studies have been conducted on vocabulary acquisition in the EFL field in Japan,and researchers advocate vocabulary knowledge is the most important factor contributing to reading comprehension, yet, a firm effective pedagogy has not been established. In fact, university students encounter difficulties in reading comprehension because of their deficiencies in vocabulary knowledge during English reading class.</p> <p><strong>Methodology: </strong>The free applications, Quizlet and Kahoot!, were adopted to incorporate language-focused learning while adding some gamification aspects to aid in vocabulary acquisition. The experiment was conducted in a Japanese undergraduate first-year reading class over an 11-week period. Quizlet was used for vocabulary learning prior to the reading class. Students were given multiple-choice vocabulary Cloze tests of new words from the textbook using Kahoot!, a free game-based educational platform.</p> <p><strong>Main Findings: </strong>The results of this study indicated that content-based vocabulary instruction using ICT is effective and improves learner’s academic performance in vocabulary acquisition. Moreover, questionnaires were thoroughly reviewed and uncovered that students felt they developed more autonomy and this enhanced their motivation for vocabulary learning.</p> <p><strong>Implications: </strong>In view of this study, ICT methods closely related to reading contexts and a variety of applications for vocabulary acquisition and improvement of reading performance should be introduced in EFL classrooms.</p> <p><strong>Originality:</strong> This study was conducted in a Japanese undergraduate first-year reading class by author researcher.</p> Mariko Matsubara Haruyo Yoshida ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-10 2018-05-10 6 2 36 43 10.18510/hssr.2018.617 TEACHER ACTION RESEARCH: ITS DIFFICULTIES AND IMPLICATIONS <p><strong>Purpose: </strong>This study generally aimed to (1) identify the most difficult part of the action research process as evaluated by the teachers; (2) find out implications of conducting action research in teaching-learning process; and (3) identify the impact on teachers’ current and future instructional practices in conducting action research.</p> <p><strong>Methodology: </strong>Mixed method design which involves quantitative and qualitative methods of researchwas used. High school teachers in Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba who conducted action researches from 2012 - 2015 were the respondents of the study. The total number of teachers involved in action research projects is 27 - 41% from the Mathematics-Science and Technology cluster, 37% out of 27 from Socio-Linguistic Cluster, and 22% come from the MAPEH-TLE Cluster. These teachers then answered the survey instrument adapted and modified from the study of <a href="#OConnor">O’Connor, Greene, and Anderson (2000)</a>.</p> <p><strong>Main Results</strong>: Based on the results, writing the Framework of the Study is the most difficult part. All teachers agreed that action research is valuable to the teaching-learning process for both teachers and students. On the other hand, almost all of the teachers said that action research project positively impacted both students’ learning and teaching. This proves that action research as viewed and assessed by teachers has a major role in improving the teaching-learning process. Likewise, teachers proved that involving oneself in action research leads to professional growth of their career through ranking and promotions. School setting and curriculum have been improved through the positive results gained in action researches. Knowledge of statistics or data analyses was one of the hindrances encountered by teachers in conducting action research. It appears that time spent in conducting action research is one big factor that makes this activity difficult for teachers.</p> <p><strong>Implications: </strong>Parts of action research, which were considered very difficult for teachers should be the focus of training and development for teachers. Likewise, the number of teaching load and teacher tasks require too much time that they cannot devote for research. Thus, In order for teachers to conduct researches, there should be lesser teaching load to provide extra time for institutional researches and support more teacher researchers.</p> <p><strong>Limitations: </strong>The results of the evaluation of the teachers to the questionnaire were the bases in drawing out conclusions. Moreover, the effect of conducting action research through experimentation was not included in the study.</p> Joanna Marie Aguilar-de Borja ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-06 2018-05-06 6 2 29 35 10.18510/hssr.2018.616 A CRITICAL STUDY OF KONG GIRLS PHENOMENON IN HONGKONG SOCIETY <p><strong>Purpose of the study: </strong>The term, Kong Girls is new in Hong Kong in the past ten years. The purpose of this research is to suggest reasons behind the Kong Girls phenomenon and to explore whether this will continue to be a factor for Hong Kong men marrying Mainland women.</p> <p><strong>Methodology: </strong>Seven interviews with typical Hong Kong Kong Girls were conducted within a similar period of time in 2015. One non-Kong-Girl was also interviewed as a control.</p> <p><strong>Main Findings:</strong> &nbsp;findings of this research indicate that the Kong Girls phenomenon may be a social problem in the long run and Hong Kong men have to continue to find their wives outside Hong Kong if traditional thinking is not to be changed. If Hong Kong women continue to be Kong Girls, both genders may not be able to find their partner locally at their home city.</p> <p><strong>Implications:</strong> social studies, psychology, gender issues</p> <p><strong>Novelty/Originality of this study: </strong>This article helps explain why Hong Kong women prefer to marry non-Hong Kong men or choose to remain single. This is first of its kind study.</p> Jane Chan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-04-17 2018-04-17 6 2 25 28 10.18510/hssr.2018.615