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Nur Aimie Syarmimi J.
Ambo Ahsan
E. R., Fathiah , Z.
Rafidah, M.N.
Masnih, M.
Affan Zahidi, A.A
Khairunneezam, M. N.


Da’wah, Business, Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship, Entertainment Industry, Malaysia.


Purpose: Nasheed is an art and media of da’wah in Islam. In Malaysia, the songs of da’wah and divine is always welcome although various genres of new music are present. This study aims to examine the relationship between da’wah and entrepreneurship by one of the famous nasheed group in Malaysia which is Inteam.

Methodology: This methodology of this study is qualitatively conducted where entrepreneurs were interviewed via open ended questions. The specialist informants and interviewers were the tools employed for data gathering purpose.

Main findings: This study help to understand the concepts of entrepreneurs and its relationship with da’wah. It is hoped that the findings of this study would add a larger knowledge about entrepreneurs especially among Muslim entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Limitations: This study is focused on two persons those were interviewed, which are Mr. Muhammad Hazamin and Mr. Mohd Syahril at Inteam records, at Damansara Kuala Lumpur. Their feedback were quite good because those respondent perfectly answered the questions.

Implications of the study will be elaborated together with recommendations for future studies.

The originality in this studies is, it should introduce element of da’wah even doing a business to be a good Muslim.


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