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Dinesh Keloth Kaithari
Amira Khamis Salim Al Ismaili
M. Achuthan


solar powered table, solar panel, electronic gadgets, solar charger.


The objective of the work is to apply solar power for charging electronic appliances namely iPhones. The circuit is designed for low ampere and high ampere charging by using PROTEUSsoftware and fabricated and tested for its performance.

The time required for full charging of iphone5 with 1A charging is 90 minutes whereas it is only 50 minutes with 2A charging port. Solar power operated table can be developed by the companies for charging electronic gadgets such as mobile phones that can be employed in public places such as parks, bus stations, and airports. Another feature of this product is that three consumers can charge at a time.

Charging of electronic gadgets can be done by the common public by drawing power from the battery charged by solar power thereby reducing consumption of electricity from the main grid. The system with 1A and 2A charging of i-phones using solar power operated battery is unique and new to the locality of Caledonian college of engineering and the work can be extended to other parts of Sultanate of Oman.


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