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Yash Kumar Mittal
Virendra Kumar Paul


Metro Rail Projects, Delay, Critical Factors, Ranking, Index


Purpose of the study:World over, transportation infrastructure projects face delays in commissioning and India is no exception. This study is carried out with an objective to specifically identify the critical delay factors in the commissioning of metro rail projects in India.

Methodology: A questionnaire survey was conducted to identify the major causes of delay from the opinion of clients, contractors and consultants. Calculation of Relative Importance Index (RII) for the shortlisted factors yielded the ranking. The ranking by various categories of respondents was analysed using Spearman’s rank coefficient.

Main Findings:The study concluded in identification of 10 most critical delay-factors from a list of 49 shortlisted factors spread across 7 categories. The identified factors included: (1) Delay in land acquisition and site handover to contractor, (2) Shifting of utilities and contingency works, (3) Scope change, (4)Delay in payments, (5) Effects of unforeseen subsurface and changing ground condition, (6) Shortage of construction materials in the market, (7) Delays in design approvals and decision making, (8) Shortage of labour, (9) Lack of data collection and survey before design, and (10) Delay in obtaining permits from local body.

Implications: Project management interventions based on the identified critical factors of delay can improve the delivery of upcoming metro rail projects in terms of schedule compliance.

Applications of this study:The Application of suitable course correction measures targeting the critical factors can result in mitigation of delays.

Novelty/Originality of this study:The study is one of its kind attempt to investigate all the commissioned metro rail projects in India for analyzing delays in the Indian urban rail sector.


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