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Gulbir Singh
Om Prakash Dubey
Gautam Kumar


Wireless mesh network, Selective forward attack, sensor network, routing, AODV


Wireless mesh network represent a solution to provide wireless connectivity. There is some attacks on wireless sensor networks like black hole attack, sinkhole attack, Sybil attack, selective forwarding, etc. In this paper, we will concentrate on selective forwarding attack. Selective Forwarding Attack is one of the many security threats in wireless sensor networks which can degrade network performance. An adversary on the transmission path selectively drops the packet. The adversary same time transfers the packet, while in a few occasions it drops the packet. It is difficult to detect this type of attack since the packet loss may be due to unreliable wireless communication. The proposed scheme is based on the trust value of each node. During data transmission, a node selects a downstream node that has highest trust value, which is updated dynamically based on the number of packets a node has forwarded and dropped. We compared our scheme with the existing scheme and found that the packet loss in the proposed scheme is much less than the existing scheme.


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