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Divya Chadar
Shailja Shukla


DWT: Discrete Wavelet Transform, SVD: Singular Value Decomposition, AQ- angle quantization, HAS-human auditory system


An audio watermark is a unique electronic identifier embedded in an audio signal, typically used to identify ownership of copyright. Proposed work is a new method of audio watermark hiding inside another bigger cover standard audio cover. The method includes ‘harr’ wavelet based Discrete Wavelet Transform decomposition of frequencies hence the audio samples of watermark gets hidden only those parts of cover audio where human ears are less sensible according to Human Auditory System. Proposed method also includes the Singular Value Decomposition, which is required for making our method robust against the various communication of processing attacks like compression, filtering, fading or noise addition. Proposed work is also using the concept of angular modulation which initially modifies the audio watermark in to provide extra security and also extra robustness in communication. The design is been develop on MATLAB 2013b version and verification of design o the same. 


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