Editor will select this article if:

  • The manuscript is original, unpublished, plagiarism free [acceptable Similarity Index is maximum 10%] {Tested by iThenticate Turnitin}
  • It highlights a major issue related to journal's scope, theme, and subthemes.
  • The research issue discussed in the article are useful to the readers, and researchers.
  • The research is used to develop a new framework or theory or advancing an existing one.
  • The study stimulates new, relevant questions in the mind of readers.
  • The methods employed in the study to explore the issue are appropriate (for example, data collection and analysis of data).
  • The methods used are applied rigorously and explain why and how the data support the conclusions.
  • Connections to prior work in the field or from other areas are made and serve to make the article's arguments clear. Minimum ten references of books, journals should be used.
  • The article tells a good story, saying it is well written and user-friendly, the arguments are logical and not internally contradictory.

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

Authors are advised to prepare their manuscript strictly as per following instructions (otherwise it will be sent back to authors for formatting before our review process)

  • IJSRTM accepts articles strictly in IEEE double column format. Authors are expected to design article accordingly.
  • Visit here to know about reference styling in IEEE format.
  • Follow Mendeley Reference manger or other for accurate use of in-text references and end bibliography.
  • Visit here to know more about how to make your article as per IEEE styles. Or see this Youtube video.

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