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Saidi Wasi Jackson http://orcid.org/0000-0002-1309-8460


Tourism Entrepreneurship, Tourism Challenges, Tourism Opportunity, management and ICT,


Hospitality and tourism industry has a significant part to play in Malawi's economy. The industry has created jobs and contributes to foreign currency generation. In view of this importance, a research was conducted from 250 hospitality and tourism establishments in Malawi to determine and evaluate any problems currently faced by the industry.

The research identified that the industry is facing some impediments in physical infrastructure development, management, lack of ICT Technologies and marketing. The industry is also characterized by lack or insufficient related rules and policies, high bank interest rates, erratic electricity and high levels of corruption by government officials.

The methodology for the research included the online questionnaire and telephone interviews to a sample of 250 participants. Only 194 participants responded to the questionnaire. The targeted group was managers and the owners of the hospitality and tourism business entities. The findings were analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively. It is believed that quantitative approach gives a lot of information and is easier to compile the data onto a chart or graph because of the numbers that are made available. On other hands, qualitative techniques are easier to gain a better understanding of the research findings. 


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