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Xiaowen Liu
Wenzhen Shi
Takashi Kondoh


Chinese tourists, Japanese culture, cultural tourism, Japanese economy.


The Japanese tourism industry is becoming an important pillar of the Japanese economy. To increase the number of Chinese visitors to Japan, emphasizing the charm of the Japanese culture will be key. Promoting “cultural tourism” as the main reason for Chinese tourists to take vacation trips to Japan will be a major factor in helping Japan reach its international tourism goals by 2020 and beyond.

Earlier studies on cultural tourism have offered several conclusions, but few have addressed the subject of cultural tourism as it relates to Chinese visitors to Japan. There appears to be little existing research on Japanese tourism from the perspective of cultural exploration. In most studies on Chinese visitors to Japan, the focus is primarily on economics and policies; very few studies address “cultural tourism.”

So in this study, we attempt to expand our understanding of “cultural tourism” among Chinese tourists coming to Japan by identifying factors influencing tourism from a cultural point of view. We conducted a questionnaire survey of Chinese tourists who visited Japan. Before analyzing using multiple regression analysis, we analyzed In order to grasp the visiting factors of Chinese tourists.

Based on the results of the survey described here. It was established that increasing numbers of Chinese tourists now visit Japan to pursue “cultural tourism.” The specific elements of this cultural tourism were identified. 


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