Dear Researchers,

Your beloved journal HSSR continues its coverage in Scopus in 2020. People are worried due to the statement written in the Scopus website that coverage is 2018-2019. 

Truth is that currently, all journal of the world are showing the same status. Actually Scopus refreshes its website two times in a year. Mostly in April and October. That time all data refresh. 

One sample is attached here for your reference. Statistical Modelling is Q1 journal since 2001. The same status is showing for that as well. You can check the same status for other journals at your end as well. 


And if the journal is discontinued it will show the following status.


So no need to worry. And have faith and trust on HSSR editorial board. We try our best to maintain the best quality of published articles.  We welcome your suggestions to further improve our quality.

With Regards

HSSR Editorial Board

GIAP Journals