Dear Researchers, Greetings from GIAP Journals 

GIAP Management wishes to inform you that, on 11 June Scimago has adjudged HSSR journal as Q1 journal with SJR 0.66 (after analyzing data for 1 year). It took 8 years to us to reach to this quality level. 

But an un-original Beall list has just updated GIAP name in its list. It is worth to know that the original Beall's list is not existing now and it was last updated in 2017. This un-original list is operated by an unknown person. It is not managed by a professional body like CABELL's white/black lists. Visit CABELL's approach to measuring journal quality.

It is worthy to read the following points before someone make any opinion about the quality of GIAP Journals. 

As a learned researcher, we advise you to visit and verify quality standards that we followed at HSSR. For all published article authors are receiving fair reviews, all reports and support. And we charge the APC only after the author submit final revision up to the satisfaction of the editor.  

We also invite you to visit and verify those standards with our journal management. Our all journals fairly qualify this list. Soon we are going to publish a public comparison of this list against practices at GIAP.

Another quality check at you are invited to verify our journal against these standards. 

Visit HSSR self-evaluation Sheet with evidences to see our assessment against the world's famous Journal Evaluation Tools by Rele, Shilpa; Kennedy, Marie; and Blas, Nataly, "Journal Evaluation Tool" (2017). LMU Librarian Publications & Presentations. 40. 

Very soon more reports with evidences will be presented in this text. You are welcome to discuss and share this content with your colleagues and Universities for learning about this issue. 

Authors and universities can demand copies of plagiarism check (with original date), review reports, editorial communications, etc to satisfy their query and investigation.  

All our journals are managed professionally with accepted ethical norms and practices. And all the mentioned policies are followed. As per our knowledge, our journals certainly qualify in all of the above-mentioned criteria. Except for the institutional membership of any Open access organizations, (like DOAJ, COPE, STM, etc) we fulfill all criteria of the above-mentioned documents. 

This is the official reply from GIAP management for its authors, researchers, and readers. We welcome your queries and comments about our policies and practices. GIAP will never let you down. Thanks for your trust and support. 


With Warm Regards 

Mrs. Rajni Dwivedi 

Co Funder, CEO 

GIAP Journals, India