• Gulbir Singh Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Bengal College of Engineering and Technology, West Bengal, India.
  • Dr. Om Prakash Dubey Dept. of Mathematics, Bengal College of Engineering and Technology, West Bengal, India.
  • Shailendra Kumar Rawat Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Bengal College of Engineering and Technology, West Bengal, India.
Keywords: NS-2, Adhoc Networks, Multicast Routing.


Performance evaluation of geographical and topological multicast routing algorithms for cellular Wi-Fi ad-hoc networks is offered. Flooding and On-call for Multicast Routing Protocol (ODMRP) are simulated and in comparison with novels protocols: Topological Multicast Routing (ToMuRo) and Geographical Multicast Routing (GeMuRo) in pedestrian and vehicular situations. The situations evaluated recollect one multicast transmitter and one, two and three multicast receivers under numerous mobility and transmission levels.

The conduct of 150 nodes is evaluated in terms of cease to end postpone (EED), jitter, packet delivery ratio, and overhead. Consequences display that ToMuRo is suitable for pedestrian eventualities because of its tree-based structure and GeMuRo is right for vehicular situations because its miles based on a mesh topology.


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