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Purpose of Study: The Pharmaceutical industry in China has been increasing its market: Aging society, urbanization, upgrading of structure of consumption, reform for pharmaceutical market by the government. However, it is still under development regarding e-commerce in china. The objectives of this research is to consider the future trends of Over the Counter (OTC) pharmaceutical sales on the internet in China.

Methodology: Questionnaire survey regarding pharmaceutical sales on the internet. Investigated 260 respondents live in China. The questions mainly asked about the purchase of medicines during respondents’ lifetimes and how respondents made decisions about the purchases of general medicine on the Internet.

Main Findings: We found that regarding the age of 26­­­­­­­‑35 have the strong potential of purchasing on the internet.At the same timefound that the retail shop has becoming convenient, based on walking distance to drugstore.

Implications of study: This study can apply for decision making regarding the purchase of OTC pharmaceutical sales on the internet in China. Also, this study can be refereed when concerning about the system of online pharmaceutical sales.

Originality of study: The originality of study is that we designed the questionnaire survey based on abundant lows which connected to pharmaceutical sales on the internet. And we conducted the survey to the consumers so that we can understand the consciousness of the consumers.


Pharmaceutical Sales Over the Counter e-commerce China Consumer behaviour

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Yangzi, Y., Wenzhen, S., & Takashi, K. (2018). A STUDY OF OVER THE COUNTER-PHARMACEUTICAL SALES ON THE INTERNET IN CHINA. International Journal of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Research, 4(1), 60-67.


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