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In this globally dynamic business scenario, it is vital for any marketer to contemplate and grapple with any kind of opportunity which one can translate into an exceptionally superior service offering than his competitive counterpart. The evolution in the trend of insurance is e-insurance. Many insurance companies in India have their own independent websites catering mediation services at a very low price. Despite lucrative offers e-insurance in India has not been able to capture much attention of the public in general. The share of e-insurance in business largely depends upon consumer want, inclination, preferences and usage which in turn depend on other demographic variables such as age, gender, income occupation, and education. This study highlights the influence of demographic variables on e-insurance sector in India. It is found in the study that there is a significant impact of gender, educational qualification, income and occupation on the reason, like saving, investment, risk and protection tax benefit and children education and marriage to purchase e-insurance products.


Online insurance Consumer behavior Life insurance Demographic variables.

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Din, S. U. (2015). Impact of Demographic Variables on Purchase of E-Insurance in Urban Areas in India. International Journal of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Research, 1(1), 07-10.


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