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Social media has transformed and influenced communication, research and education in general through the vast variety of online tools which are available for communication.The objectives of the research study is to examine and analyze the influence of Social Media on the academic Performance of students and their social interpersonal skills.


195 samples were collected from full-time undergraduate students studying in the University from different faculties including business, engineering, law, English Studies and Language Studies. The descriptive statistics analysis was used to analyze the demographic data while inferential statistics was used in testing the research hypotheses. The results obtained from the analyses were used to interpret the outcomes.


The empirical results reveal that the students get to learn through social media differently enabling them new information and are also able to communicate easily with others. The communication exchanged is irrelevant to studies and does not help them in any manner to improve their learning. It is confirmed that the Social Media effects do not support the Learning of the students and most of the students are addicted to social media.

Practical Implications

The study confirms that it is good means to approach the students through social media whichmight boost the education in an easier way.


The research work is of its first kind as it focuses on the impact of social media on the academic performances of the students studying in Higher Educational Institutions. 


Social Media Networks Students Academic Performance Interpersonal skills Addiction.

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El Khatib, M., & Rahman Khan, M. F. (2017). IMPLICATIONS OF SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS TECHNOLOGY IN INTERPERSONAL SKILLS AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCES. International Journal of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Research, 3(2), 99-110.


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