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Purpose: The objective of the study is to explore the concept of customer-centricity in Oman and to analyze the challenges of implementing customer-centric innovations, and the strategies in building momentum for the customer-centricity. 

Design/methodology/approach: For carrying out the research study, the concept of customer-centric innovation and the current practices by selected top companies of Oman were considered.

Findings: The finding of the empirical study reveals that the organizations in Oman are finding the way to transition from its existing customer-centric approach to a more innovative and technology aligned strategy, keeping the core strategies in place that are focused on operational issues.

Practical Implications: Only a few notable organizations in the country are very open about their initiative to improve customer interaction. It is apparent that organizations in the country are still yet to realize the importance of building core strategies that put customers in the middle. Companies in Oman can drive growth by means of business process improvement that will attract more customers and building stronger business-customer relationships.

Social Implications: There are several ways in which innovation can be integrated into customer-centricity. The technologies available today provide the best tools for improving customer interaction.

Originality/value: No study has investigated before the customer-centric innovation in Oman, and this study will help the organizations especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to plan their strategies accordingly.


Customer Experience Customer Value Customer-centric Innovation Customer-centric Initiatives Customer-Centric action

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Teresa Matriano, M., & Firdouse Rahman Khan, M. (2019). CUSTOMER-CENTRIC INNOVATION: CASE OF OMAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP. International Journal of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Research, 5(1), 33-39.


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