IJSRTM and GIAP Journals have been supporting paper presentation events in tech fests since 2012. We published papers from more than 50 organizations including NIT, IIT, private and public universities. 

We open collaboration for the year 2019-20 for direct sponsorship [upto 100$ to selected articles] and award to the TOP QUALITY original or review papers on all engineering and technology management domains which contain following qualities:

1. Zero plagiarism and a maximum of 15% similarity. 

2. Minimum 20 good quality references from IEEE, Scopus and other Crossref journals and books. 

3. Any experimental, simulation, design, theme-based review (min 50 articles for review), coding, algorithm-based papers are welcome. 

4. Maximum 4 authors with a clearcut contribution. No ghostwriting. 

After the event organizers need to send the top 5 papers based on the above criterion to techfest@ijsrtm.in for evaluation. 

Within a two-week time editor will inform the organizers about the decision and transfer sponsorship. Then the editor will directly communicate with the author for further revision and publication of the article.  

For further information contact us at techfest@ijsrtm.in