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The document gives information on controlling the load of heavy duty vehicles while taking turn in order to avoid tumbling of vehicle due to inertia. Also this system is to control the speed of vehicle during turn as excess speed during sharp turn can also result in rollover of vehicle, i.e. vehicle flips around its rolling axis. The system consists of the closed loop control mechanism, in which the on board computer works as an error detector, which detects any deviation of certain parameters responsible for stability of the vehicle. Then the necessary control action is performed by the actuators to compensate the deviation in those parameters.


Passive suspension Active suspension ABS hydraulic actuators Auto-stabilization

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Pednekar, G., Borwankar, R., & Sawant, P. (2015). AUTOMATIC VEHICLE STABILIZATION SYSTEM. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 2(1), 01-05. Retrieved from


  3. Principles of Control Systems by M. Gopal

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