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Why do we like a certain advertisement over another? Is there a fundamental design in the universe thatdictates our lives - the way we talk and walk? The answer is YES. The biological evolution has designed us humans over a period of millions of years through a simple design element called ‘gene’. Similarly, our thoughts, ideas and stories – cultural evolution – explains how we think the way we do – through a simple design element ‘meme’. Universal Darwinism explains how evolutionary processes are constantly working, fighting and competing against one another to make us who we are today. To add to the surprise, all of this works on a simple algorithm. Are we designed by super-intelligence or are we just the products of a mindless evolutionary process that runs on a simple algorithm? Is there a third replicator? All of this can be understood if one can understand a simple algorithm – The Evolutionary Algorithm of Universal Darwinism.

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Jain, J. A. (2015). THIRD TIME’S A CHARM? UNIVERSAL DARWINISM AND ITS FASCINATING REACH. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 2(1), 06-07. Retrieved from


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