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The present study was undertaken to study the constraints faced by rural women members in functioning of Self Help Groups. Hundred and fifty rural women members of SHGs from Allahabad district represented the sample for the study. A structured interview schedule was used for the collection of data. The findings revealed that the major constraints faced by the women members were lack of formal education, no freedom to take decisions, dominance of group leaders, decision made at administrative level, less cooperation of officials , less profit, travel expenses for disbursement of loan, poor monitoring and technical guidance, inadequate space for enterprise, high cost of raw materials, lack of storage facilities, non-cooperation between educated and uneducated people and non cooperation from family members. These constraints may be solved through extension strategies like adult education, vocational training of members, facilitating of bank officials and providing proper marketing facilities.

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sana, R. (2015). Constraints Faced by Rural Women Members in Functioning of SHGs in Allahabad District of Uttar Pradesh. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 2(5), 188-191. Retrieved from


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