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In the days of modernization, industrialization, technological world we find out a new method of steam production with help of coal. This state of act systems are manufactured over a range of 500 TPH.This boilers are highly efficient, multi coal firing capacity, less emission of so2 and nox gases, utilize high ignite cokes, petcoats,washery rejects. This survey paper is intended to comprehensively give an account of domain knowledge related to CFBC boiler. The authors touch upon the design changes which are introduced in the component levels in order to ease the operation, enhance the performance and to meet the regulatory compliance. In addition, salient correlations related to hydrodynamics, heat transfer and combustion are narrated to facilitate the control and system engineers to develop mathematical models using conservation of mass, energy and momentum equations.

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hajra, S., & Patra, A. A. (2015). STUDY OF CIRCULATING COAL FLUIDIZED BOILERS. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 3(6), 396-400.


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