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Optimization of manufacturing process and cost reduction are two main factors each organization plans to achieve. Achieving these goals require knowledge about the manufacturing process and all parameters which affect manufacturing.Working on solving problems in optimization of manufacturing process ultimately helps to reduce the cost of manufacturing and in turn the cost of product with improvement in sequence of processes. The following project is carried out for designing the handle support for all ratings of electric breakers. Project was carried out by first defining general background, actual problem, existing manufacturing method, change in design, analysis of parameters which affect design, design analysis, decision, costing, implementation and conclusion. The design analysis was carried out with help of CATIA software. The outcome of project resulted in savings for the organization and also helped to improve the function of product with optimization of manufacturing processes.


Optimization Von Mises Stress Translational Displacement Deformation Impact Factor.

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Ahire, A. (2015). CHANGE IN DESIGN OF HANDLE SUPPORT FOR COST REDUCTION AND MANUFACTURING PROCESS OPTIMIZATION. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 3(6), 406-409.


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