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This paper deals with the Design of Vibration Testing Fixtures for Random Vibration loads as specified by the MIL 810 military standards. Following selection of the right material and configuration of the fixtures, CAD models are generated and numerically checked for natural frequencies and mode shapes using Finite Element Analysis. Based on these results, the response of the fixtures to the MIL 810 standard Random Vibration profile input is measured using Finite Element Analysis and the transmissibility is calculated.

Finally, the fixture is tested experimentally for to the MIL 810 standard Random Vibration profile input and based on these values; transmissibility of the fixture is computed. The experimental result is compared to the Finite Element results and thus, found that the fixture can be used for testing missile packages at the Defense Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL), Hyderabad.


testing fixtures vibration analysis IL 810 military standards finite element analysi

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Reddy, A., K, H., & Petunias, H. S. (2016). Design and Development of Vibration Testing Fixtures. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 4(1), 08-11.


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