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Security, be it of a small apartment or of a sophisticated, gigantic institute is of arrant concern. In metro cities in India, for a housing complex/small apartment, security personnel are generally employed for the said purpose, who may not be that efficient especially at night. This paper intends to build an “Intelligent Home Security System” based on Digital Image Processing and Speech Processing, using a Raspberry Pi. The system is divided into two sub- systems. 

1. Allowing/Disallowing vehicles based on Number Plate Recognition

2. Allowing/Disallowing human beings based on Face Detection and  Recognition and Speech Recognition

A database of the residents of the building is prepared. It consists of a pre-recorded security code word and an image of the resident. A separate vehicular database containing the number plates of the cars is also stored in the memory. 


Intelligent Home Security System Number Plate Recognition Speech Recognition Face Recognition Raspberry Pi

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Mitra, P. (2016). Intelligent Integrated Home Security System Using Raspberry Pi. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 4(1), 12-16.


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