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The emerging threats to user privacy over the internet are increasing at an alarming rate. Signing-in from an unreliable terminal into a web account may result in compromising private details of a user such as username and password, by means of keylogger software. Such software are capable of recording keystrokes secretly, via covert channels without the knowledge of the user. In this paper we propose a secure method for signing in using Quick Response (QR) codes with mobile authentication. Through this method, the user can securely sign-in into a web account by authenticating the user session on an unreliable terminal browser, using a mobile device.


Access tokens Asymmetric key cryptography CAPTCHA Login authentication QR code

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Adhatrao, K., Gaykar, A., Jha, R., & Honrao, V. (2015). A SECURE METHOD FOR SIGNING IN USING QUICK RESPONSE CODES WITH MOBILE AUTHENTICATION. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 1(1), 01-11. Retrieved from


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