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Number of vehicles is an ever-increasing commodity in present era, this growth asks for some drastic revolution in surveillance and information system regarding the safety and security as a prime concern. So, we are generalizing on the evolution of such a system which will be capable of providing an integrated platform in the areas of Unique Identification, User Authentication, Surveillance (tracking) & Accident recognition. So, "Unique Identification, Information & Surveillance System for Vehicles" is a system which will utilize the benefits of existing technologies including (GSM) Global System for Mobile communication, (GPS) Global Positioning System, (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification for ultimately fulfilling the foreseen vision. The proceeding content will reveal a general outlook to achieve the foresaid objectives.


GPS GSM RFID SIM Identification Authentication Surveillance

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Mule, P., & Patil, J. (2015). UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION, INFORMATION & SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM FOR VEHICLES. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 1(1), 39-49. Retrieved from


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