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This paper focuses on developing a generalized CRC code where the user can vary the size of the generator polynomial [1] such as 9 bits (CRC-8), 17 bits (CRC-16), 33 bits (CRC-32), 65 bits (CRC-64). The working of the code has been shown taking an example and the resulting simulations obtained are shown.

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Ghosh, D., Mitra, A., Mukhopadhyay, A., Dawn, A., & Ghosh, D. (2015). A GENERALIZED CODE FOR COMPUTING CYCLIC REDUNDANCY CHECK. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 1(2), 192-202. Retrieved from


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  3. CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check Analysing and Correcting Errors By Prof. Dr. W. Kowalk
  4. VHDL basics By Raunak Ranjan

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