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Cryptography is a Greek word which means secret writing. However we use this term to refer to the science and arts of transforming the message to make them secure and immune to attacks. Access to stored information has increased greatly. More companies and institution store official and individual information on computer than ever before. So information security is a matter of deep concern. In this paper I have proposed an algorithm which is based on block cipher concept. In this algorithm I have used simple mathematical operations like XOR and shifting operations. Speed and complexity are two important aspects of block ciphers. The block length of the block cipher decides the complexity. The key complexity also imposes a constraint on the length of the block cipher. In my proposed work the keys are generated by a random key generator and a new approach for S-box is used.


Internet security Encryption Decryption Cryptography

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Som, D. (2015). PROPOSED CRYPTOGRAPHIC ALGORITHM FOR IMPROVING DATA SECURITY. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 1(2), 220-224. Retrieved from


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