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Designing UI and backend are one of the main aspects of Web application development. Developers waste a lot time in designing tool like tree view, grid view etc. one by one whenever required as per the requirements of application. Solution to these problems are building UI toolkit library containing commonly required tools, include that library and drag-drop the tool while building application. The existing UI toolkits have less number of tools and do not contain each and every tool, have a lot of ambiguities in their behaviour pattern, look-feel, large in size and have cross browsing problem. There is a need of powerful UI toolkit which will have all necessary tools, consistent behaviour pattern and light in weight. If we compare same tool from different libraries, they may have different properties which can be combined under one library as a feature rich library. Our objective is to combine all the properties of a tool from different available web UI toolkits like kendo, dojo, jQuery UI, YUI etc., providing consistent behaviour pattern, look-feel, cross browser support, add new features and light in weight. On the basis of analysis done on various available toolkits, feature rich and configurable library of commonly used tools is being created.


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Kantrod, S., Jondhale, K., Kshatriya, P., & Maharanwar, N. (2015). WEBO-KIT: AN ENHANCED WEB UI TOOLKIT. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 1(2), 225-230. Retrieved from


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