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Scrolling display board is a common sight today. Advertisement is going digital. The use of led scrolling display board at big shops, shopping centers, railway station, bus stands and educational institutes is becoming an effective mode of communication in providing information to the people. But these off-the-shelf units are somewhat inflexible in  terms of updating the message instantly. If the user wants to change the message it needs to be done using a computer and hence the person needs to be present at the location of the display board. It means the message cannot be changed from wherever or whenever. Also the display board cannot be placed anywhere because of complex and delicate wiring. ’GSM based LED Scrolling Display Board’ is a model for displaying notices/messages at places that require real-time noticing, by sending messages in the form of SMS through mobile. It is a system wherein the display board need not be reprogrammed to display a new message because it is wireless. The project aims to develop a moving sign board which empowers the user to change the scrolling message using SMS service instantaneously unlike a desk bound device such as PC or laptop. The user can update it even from a remote distant. The SMS is deleted from the SIM each time it is read, thus making room for the next SMS.

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