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E-waste from electrical and electronic equipment, that may be old or might have reached end of life and plastic waste from plastic mineral and cold drink bottles were collected and grinded to size of 2 mm using pulverizing machine. The grinded pieces were rubbed against each other with friction roller machine designed and fabricated by the authors. It is done to develop roughness and make grinded pieces shape irregular so that they can bond well with cement when mixed with it. A mix design was done for M20 grade of concrete by IS method. Ordinary Portland cement of 43 grade was selected. Grinded E-waste and plastic waste were replaced by 0%, 2%, and 4% of the fine aggregates. Compressive strength and flexural strength were tested and compared with control concrete. Experiments done shows increase in compressive strength by 5% and reduce cost of concrete production by 7% at optimum percentage of grinded waste. Grinded waste greater than 4.75mm in certain proportion act as a good filler material in concrete and on-going experiments are done to apply gap gradation by grinding the waste into specific sizes. This will ensure better packing density and hence good strength. Moreover decorative tiles were made with the grinded waste and white cement which give appealing look to the wall and are cheaper than the vitrified tiles.

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Arora, A., & Dave, U. V. (2015). UTILIZATION OF E- WASTE AND PLASTIC BOTTLE WASTE IN CONCRETE. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 1(4), 398-406. Retrieved from


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