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This paper signifies the new efficient use of technology and design for natural ventilation and better indoor air quality (IAQ) by ground coupled heat exchanger, double facade ventilation buffer, venetian blind curtains and extensive usage of CO2 sensors. Waste disposal is an important element of consideration and is figured out by using trisorter recycling system. Adequate spacing of vehicular traffic and parking in apartments by hydraulic elevation using waste water and underground rooms is need of the future settlements. All this solutions integrated with automatic field control panel will achieve the goal for better living satisfying green protocol.


illuminator energy guzzlers optofluid switch trisorter 3-D solar cells.

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Mohanty, S., & Chaskar, S. (2015). ZERO CONSUMPTION ZERO DISCHARGE TECHNO-GREEN EDIFICE 21ST GENERATION LIVING. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 1(4), 444-455. Retrieved from


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