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Purpose of Study: The present work shows studies of some physical properties of a gallium (Ga) modified lead zirconate titanate (PbZrTi)O3 with molar ratio Zr/Ti::48/52 (i.e., near morphotropic phase boundary (MPB)) having (Pb0.92Ga0.08)(Zr0.48Ti0.52)0.98O3 (PGaZT-8) as a chemical composition.

Methodology: The material was fabricated employing high-temperature mixed oxide route.

Main Finding: X-ray diffraction spectra suggest a distorted perovskite structure having two phases (tetragonal and monoclinic phases) with the substitution of small amount (2 and 4 wt %) of Ga in Pb(ZrTi)O3 (PZT). However, with higher concentration of Ga (6 and 8 wt %) in PZT, the multiphase perovskite structure is converted into an orthorhombic system with few impurity phase of Ti3O5. Analysis of field emission scanning electron micrograph (FESEM) of 8 wt% Ga modified PZT (PGaZT-8) shows the uniform distribution but different dimension and shape of grains depicting high-density ceramic sample. In the dielectric studies no dielectric anomaly exists in the experimental temperature range (25-500oC) in PGaZT-8, which determines the substitution of 8 wt% Ga in PZT (in MPB region) is found responsible for the suppression or shift (towards higher temperature) of known ferroelectric phase transition of PZT. There is an enhancement of permittivity, loss factor and conductivity as Pb site of PZT is doped with Ga.

Applications of study: This study is useful for the determination of the characteristics of the prepared material as a base for device fabrication.

Novelty of the Study: It is a systematic study of correlation of structural properties with the physical properties. It helps to understand the relaxation and conduction mechanism of PGaZT-8 using impedance and modulus spectroscopy.


Electronic Material Solid State Reaction XRD Modulus CONDUCTIVITY

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Hajra, S., Sahoo, S., Rout, P. K., & Choudhary, R. (2018). PROCESSING, DIELECTRIC, IMPEDANCE SPECTROSCOPY OF ELECTRONIC MATERIAL: (Pb0.92Ga0.08)(Zr0.48Ti0.52)0.98O3. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 6(3), 18-27.


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