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Purpose of the study: Green cabbage (Brassica campestris) is a kind of vegetable with good quality in nutrient and economical for people.  It could be planted in a small area seems like in home around.  Chicken manure was the fertilizer that could get from the farming area.  The productivity of Green cabbage through with nutrient in soil quality.  Fertilizer was one of alternative could be done for plant nutrient by simply using to against deficiency growth.  The purpose of this research is to optimize chicken manure using as fertilizer.  Optimizing was done by mixture in water solvent.

Methodology: Experiment was done by quantitative research in height plant analysis.  The soil was taken from Joyo Imran Street Cabean region in Salatiga city that had 27°C degrees in daily average.  Planting was done in plastic bag consisted of chicken manure concentrations in soil at 0% (w/w); 20% (w/w); 30% (w/w); 40% (w/w); and 50% (w/w) mixture.  Height measurement was done on the 10th day after planting.

Main Findings: The optimum yield was obtained on 40% (w/w) mixed variation of chicken manure.  It had a high increase in growing seedlings.

Applications of this study: One of various fertilizers is creating chicken manure farmer using fertilizer in 40 % (w/w) mixture from chicken manure because this kind of fertilizer was better than other and had an economical.

Novelty/Originality of this study: The fertilizing system had lacked in over, especially for decreasing soil quality and plant growth.  Therefore, optimization of used fertilizer in the soil mixture needs to be done to see the effect.  In this research optimization of the used (de Jonge et al., 2018) fertilizer in soil mix was carried out. The optimization is done to the variation of concentration of amount fertilizer to the soil in the mixture.  The analysis of the growth of green cabbage was carried out from measurements height of plant that grew with 10 days.


Green Cabbage Chicken manure Plant growth fertilizer growth seedlings

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Maghfiroh, N., Billah, A., & Widhyahrini, K. (2019). GREEN CABBAGE (BRASSICA CAMPESTRIS) GROWTH SEEDLINGS BY OPTIMIZING OF CHICKEN MANURE CONCENTRATION IN SOIL MIXTURE. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 7(1), 09-12.


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