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Purpose: This study aims to determine the material integration of Islamic religious education and natural science on photosynthesis experiments.

Methodology: This research is library research. Data obtained from a literature review. The analytical method used is conceptual-descriptive.

Findings: The results of the study show that there are two topics of natural science material experiments closely relatedtoscientific cues on QS. Yasin verse 80, QS. Nuh verse 16, and QS. Thaha verse 53.  Those topics are about light and photosynthesis. Light (an-nur) is one of the names of letters in the Qur'an. Photosynthesis experiments can explain the relationship of light interpretation materially. Sunlight is the main source of energy for the life of all living things in the world. For plants especially those with chlorophyll, sunlight greatly determines photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a basic process in plants to produce food. The food produced will determine the availability of energy for plant growth and development. Low light intensity has three choices, namely: reduction of respiration speed, increase in leaf area to obtain a larger surface absorption of light; and increased photosynthetic velocity per unit of light energy and leaf area.

Applications: This study can be used by Islamic education institution for education, research, and community services. 

Novelty/Originality: This study is the integration between scientific cues and natural science experiment material.


Integration Islamic religious education natural science photosynthesis

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Mawar Sari, D. N. A., Nailil Muna, A., & Susilayati, M. (2019). INTEGRATION OF ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS EDUCATION AND NATURAL SCIENCE ON PHOTOSYNTHESIS EXPERIMENTS. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 7(1), 17-22.


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