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Purpose of Study: The IoT is an emerging field nowadays and that can be used anywhere in automation, agriculture, controlling as well as monitoring of any object, which exists in the real world. We have to make use of IoT in Agriculture to increase productivity. Agro-industry processes could be more efficient by using IoT. It gives automation to agro-industry by reducing human intervention. In the current scenario, the sometime farmer doesn’t know the current status of the soil moisture and other things related to their land and don’t produce productive results towards crops. The purpose of this research study is to explore the usage of IoT devices and application areas that are being used in agriculture. 

Methodology: The methodology behind this study is to identify trends and review the open challenges, application areas and architectures for IoT in agro-industry. This survey is based on a systematic literature review where related research is grouped into four domains such as monitoring, control, prediction, and logistics. 

Main Findings: This research study presents a detailed work of the eminent researchers and designs of computer architecture that can be applied in agriculture for smart farming. This research study also highlights various unfolded challenges of IoT in agriculture.

Implications: This study can be beneficial for farmers, researchers, and professionals working in agricultural institutions for smart farming.

Novelty/Originality of the study: Various eminent researchers have been making efforts for smart farming by using IoT concepts in agriculture. But, a bouquet of unfolded challenges is still in a queue for their effective solution. This study makes some efforts to discuss past research and open challenges in IoT based agriculture.


Internet of Things IoT Agricultural Sensor data Smart farming Crop Residue QoS Challenges Applications

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Bhatnagar, V., Singh, G., Kumar, G., & Gupta, R. (2020). INTERNET OF THINGS IN SMART AGRICULTURE: APPLICATIONS AND OPEN CHALLENGES. International Journal of Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 8(1), 11-17.


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