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Purpose: In the present paper the concept of soft almost β-continuous mappings and soft almost β-open mappings in soft topological spaces have been introduced and studied.

Methodology: This notion is weaker than both soft almost pre-continuous mappings, soft almost semi-continuous mapping. The diagrams of implication among these soft classes of soft mappings have been established.

Main Findings: We extend the concept of almost β-continuous mappings and almost β-open mappings in soft topology.

Implications: Mapping is an important and major area of topology and it can give many relationships between other scientific areas and mathematical models. This notion captures the idea of hanging-togetherness of image elements in an object by assigning strength of connectedness to every possible path between every possible pair of image elements. It is an important tool for the designing of algorithms for image segmentation.

The novelty of Study: Hope that the concepts and results established in this paper will help the researcher to enhance and promote the further study on soft topology to carry out a general framework for the development of information systems.


Soft Regular Open Set Soft β-open Set Soft Almost Continuous Mappings Soft β-continuous Mappings Soft Almost β-continuous Mappings Soft Almost β-open Mappings

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Singh Rajput, A., S. Thakur, S., & Dubey, O. P. (2020). SOFT ALMOST β-CONTINUITY IN SOFT TOPOLOGICAL SPACES. International Journal of Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 8(2), 06-14.


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