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Purpose: India is an agricultural country and soybean production is one of the major sources of earning. Due to the major factors like diseases, pest attacks, and sudden changes in the weather condition, the productivity of the soybean crop decreases. Automatic detection of soybean plant diseases is essential to detect the symptoms of soybean diseases as early as they appear on the growing stage. This paper proposed a methodology for the analysis and detection of soybean plant leaf diseases using recent digital image processing techniques. In this paper, experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method can successfully detect and classify the major soybean diseases.

Methodology: MatLab 18a is used for the simulation for the result and machine learning-based recent image processing techniques for the detection of the soybean leaf disease.

Main Findings: The main finding of this work is to create the soybean leaf database which includes healthy and unhealthy leaves and achieved 96 percent accuracy in this work using the proposed methodology.

Applications of this study: To detect soybean plant leaf diseases in the early stage in Agricultural.

The novelty of this study: Self-prepared database of healthy and unhealthy images of soybean leaf with the proposed algorithm.


Soybean Soybean Plant Disease Image Processing

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Singh Rajput, A., Shukla, S., & S. Thakur, S. (2020). SOYBEAN LEAF DISEASES DETECTION AND CLASSIFICATION USING RECENT IMAGE PROCESSING TECHNIQUES. International Journal of Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 8(3), 01-08.


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