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Purpose of study: Main aim of this study is to deals with the problem of inventories. Their holding cost, set-up cost, and many more related to that. All the problems are flexible and having fuzzy nature.

Methodology: The model takes the form of a Geometric Programming problem. Hence geometric programming algorithm is used here.

Main Finding: The developed models may be used for a single item with a single constraint of limitation on storage area and multi-item inventory problems.

Application of this study: This study is useful in the area of inventories. There holding cost and set-up cost etc.

The originality of this study: This study may help the stockholders for storing goods and minimizing the cost of holding.


Inventory Control Problem Fuzzy Objectives Fuzzy Constraints Membership Function Compensatory Operator Weighted Compensatory Operator Quadratic Achievement Function Geometric Programming

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Kumari, N., & Burnwal, A. P. (2021). A FUZZY PROGRAMMING APPROACH TO INVENTORY CONTROL PROBLEM. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 9(2), 13-17.


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