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In this paper, AC/DC converters are widely used to get regulated power supply for battery charging and DC motor speed control. SCR converters are preferred in the field of High voltage DC energy transmission, superconductor magnetic energy storage, etc. However these converters have low power factor and also result in higher order harmonics.

This paper proposes the application of Genetic algorithms (GAs) to find the switching angles for line current harmonic reduction in AC/DC type converter. Harmonic reduction is redrafted as an optimization problem and GA is applied.The harmonic elimination methods used in AC/DC converters are similar to those employed in PWM inverters or in AC choppers. The solution is obtained using genetic algorithm tool in MATLAB. The dual objectives of harmonic elimination and output voltage regulation are reframed as an optimization task and the switching instances are identified through the steps of GA.


Genetic Algorithm Harmonic elimination.

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Ibrahim, A. D. (2015). Line Current Harmonic Reduction in AC-DC PWM Converter Using Genetic Algorithm. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 3(7), 431-435.


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